Here at Undead Sydney we not only want to strike the fear of death into you but also be innovative in the way we do it.

We will strive to be inclusive  Рto our patrons, volunteers and fans Рwhen providing opportunities for fun and education in a safe, yet horrifying, environment.


Undead Syd is our mascot and icon here at Undead Sydney. Invented by the twisted mind of our creator, Kenny Douglas.

Kenny has always been a little odd in his obsession with all things ‘horror’ and after arriving in Australia decided that something needed to be done to bring scare attractions and activity to this part of the world.

With his 20 year background, working with community and semi professional theatre, as well as formulating frightening storytelling immersive experiences, he created Undead Sydney.

From the ashes of previous incarnations, let’s all hope that the Undead Army will rise again and again to allow this wonderful macabre genre to entertain you all.

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